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Michelle Heyóka

Singer & Songwriter

Received grants in 2019 and 2021

Michelle Heyóka is an indigenous singer, songwriter & mother based in Vancouver B.C. Heyóka’s passion for singing began when she was just a little girl but wasn’t pursued until she faced her first heartbreak in her 20’s. Singing became a tool of healing. Having to navigate motherhood as a young indigenous women came with its struggles but only strengthened her voice. Heyóka pulls inspiration from her two children, overcoming her struggles with mental health & her relationship to embracing love.

The story of Michelle's art practice

Michelle Heyóka began her musical journey doing open mic’s & busking throughout the city. In 2021 she released her first body of work “For You”, a 5 song EP that tells a story of love & heartbreak. Heyóka describes her music as honest & authentic with the intention of taking listeners on a journey into her mind.

Artwork Description

This is Michelle Heyóka’s debut EP “For You” which was released on January 2021. “For You” is a 5 song R&B/Pop EP with buttery vocals & addictive lyrics. Heyóka takes listeners on a vulnerable journey through the highs & lows of love while mesmerizing you with her unique voice & vocal range. “For You” is available to listen to on all available streaming services.

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