DTES Small Arts Grants 10th Anniversary Website

About DTES Small Arts Grants Partners

The DTES Small Arts Grants program

is an exciting initiative, first undertaken by Vancouver Foundation and Carnegie Community Centre ten years ago. It supports the work of talented artists who have their creative practice rooted in the Downtown Eastside [DTES]. This annual opportunity shines a light on DTES artists, their practices, and ideas. The DTES Small Arts Grants program is built on the unwavering belief that DTES Artists have a commitment to their craft that is sustained across their work, and that effort deserves nurturing and support.

About Carnegie Community Centre

Carnegie Community Centre — often referred to as the living room of the Downtown Eastside — provides social, educational, cultural and recreational activities on-site, at nearby Oppenheimer Park and through an outreach team. The programs serve low income adults with the goal of nurturing mind, body, and spirit in a safe and welcoming environment.

About Vancouver Foundation

As Canada’s largest community foundation, Vancouver Foundation is dedicated to creating healthy, vibrant and livable communities across BC. Since 1943, our donors have created 1,800 endowment funds and together we have distributed more than $1 billion to charities. From arts and culture to the environment, health and social development, education, medical research and more, we exist to make meaningful and lasting improvements to communities in BC.

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10 years of Group Show Partners


How does it work?

Artists apply for grants of between $500 to $1000. Groups of up to four artists can ask for up to $4000. 

How do I apply?

Write and submit your application by the deadline.

Wait for the results

Applications open in the fall for six weeks. Results are available in early spring.

Who gets a grant?

A Volunteer Advisory Community made up of DTES Artists review all the applications.