DTES Small Arts Grants 10th Anniversary Website


Graphic Artist

Received a grant in 2021

Kerry is a Neurodivergent, Queer Femme artist, whose pronouns are both she/her and they/them. Originally from Toronto, Kerry moved to BC in 2012. She has lived experience of poverty, addiction, homelessness, and mental illness. Kerry is a survivor who has overcome many obstacles in her life, and continues to fight every day for accommodations, equality, and justice.

Kerry was always an artistic child who felt happiest when singing, playing musical instruments, creating visual art by drawing or painting, or experimenting with photography. She was always exceptionally gifted with words and language and had an extensive vocabulary and superior range reading level. As a mature student, Kerry was accepted to the Creative Writing program at York University, but unfortunately, had to defer and was never able to attend university. More recently, Kerry has taken an interest in digital photography and graphic design, and completed two terms at a visual arts college before taking a step back for her mental health.

She is currently exploring different ways of creating images using digital technology and has been posting art on Instagram as a means of expression and communication. Kerry has a way with words and has the ability to convey messages through her art that speak to issues such as mental health, systemic inequalities, the Covid-19 pandemic, the climate crisis, etc.

Her aim is to make human connections and have open, honest dialogue about the issues facing our society, and hopefully help to make positive changes within the system for the benefit of all.

How has receiving a DTES Small Arts Grant supported your development as an artist?

I was able to make some connections to other programs and supports to help me to further my development and I’m hoping that I will gain some exposure through this.

How has DTES Small Arts Grants helped DTES artists?

I imagine it helps a lot of people by making supplies financially accessible and bringing exposure to their work.

How has DTES Small Arts Grants impacted the community?

There is a network of organizations that serve the community that are connected to this program.
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