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MossBags & RibbonWear

RibbonWear: skirts, shirts & pants

2023 recipient of a DTES Small Arts Grant

Plains Cree are akin to the Wasbison (MossBag). It is the external Womb designed to transition the infant from Woman to Womb. Descending from Amiskwaciiwaskihigin, Treaty 6 territory, just south of Edmonton, the Artist, Grace Howse, is Plains Cree. Having been taught the art of MosssBag making by her Sister. It has been 40 yeas since she made her first. “The Wasbison comes with beautiful and sacred teachings that are so beneficial for today’s practice.”


How has receiving a DTES Small Arts Grant supported your development as an artist?

The DTES SG motivated me move forward with my art; to reach higher artistic goals. The grant allowed me make purchases to craft my art, I otherwise would not have been able to do. Developing art takes money.

How has DTES Small Arts Grants helped DTES artists?

The grant highlights artist who we would not otherwise see. It has allowed artist to purchase materials. The grant is a good self esteem boost as a struggling artist.

How has DTES Small Arts Grants impacted the community?

It brought the community of artist together.

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