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2017 winner of a DTES Small Arts Grant

A photographer with a charitable drive. Under the microscope, there is a lot of moral contemplation in being an “artist” and what it means. The only reasoning I can justify sharing my work is if it benefits others. The easiest way to do that is to help support institutions which take care of people who are truly in need. Trying to focus on small nuances and little details, my photography work is quite simple in practice and hopefully very evident in intent. Any money from any sale of work, goes directly to a charity and that is what keeps me motivated.

All I’m looking for is to find ways to raise money for charity donations. I create print projects and sell them at a low cost with ALL money going directly to charities. I can submit receipts if requested but in the past I have made donations to the Hogans Alley Association, the Chinatown Foundation, Indian Residential School Survivors Society and furthermore. I do not take any personal profits from any of the work I “sell.”

How has receiving a DTES Small Arts Grant supported your development as an artist?

Yes, they’ve encouraged me to put myself into a position of philantrophy

How has DTES Small Arts Grants helped DTES artists?

You give the extra resource that so many artists need but do not have – financial support. Everyone needs material, or space, or time to be covered to convey their message more clearly.

How has DTES Small Arts Grants impacted the community?

Without DTES Grants, we’d be down another important part of the community. There are very few places for small artists to gather without having “representation.” Please fight to keep this alive.

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