DTES Small Arts Grants 10th Anniversary Website


Songwriter Duo

Received a grant in 2021

Ledgewise formed in 2014 composed of Shulie Dekort and Jaeger Cormack. Since COVID-19 and being isolated from each other and friends and family, Ledgewise has continued to work to make songs with Shulie and Jaeger working independently. Shulie, who’s music influences are vastly different to Jaegers, brings to the table a strong writing skill and musical theory in practice from previous work in bands and with music. Jaeger, a songwriter at heart, writes 100’s of songs a year some of which are golden. Last year both songwriters got together to pick 4 songs each they wanted to take to the next level and “Connection” by Ledgewise was born.

“This year has been hard for everyone and isolation brought on by the pandemic has made making music with others different. We have been working independently in home studios and reaching out to others who do the same to make the best album possible. We hope “CONNECTION” by Ledgewise and all the people that made it possible is well received. It will be available on all platforms soon.”

How has receiving a DTES Small Arts Grant supported your development as an artist?

In taking the album “Connection” to the next level we have gotten feedback and submissions of versions from friends and also hired on a master/mixer for the finalization of tracks.

How has DTES Small Arts Grants helped DTES artists?

By giving them the means and platform to express themselves.

How has DTES Small Arts Grants impacted the community?

By providing art to the community and giving artists a voice.
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