DTES Small Arts Grants 10th Anniversary Website

Grace Chan


Received grants in 2019 & 2020

Grace practices a variety of art disciplines. She has joined groups at Carnegie Community Centre, We Press, and Oppenheimer Park for painting and workshops.

The Neighbourhood Sketch Book Project in 2018 at Gallery Gachet was an important opportunity for Grace. It featured hand bound and sketchbooks from members of the DTES. Each sketchbook told the story of the person who created it. The pages resonated with joy, wisdom, and resilience of these artists and their communities.

Grace’s work for Emerge Festival focuses on Athlete’s Portraits. She hopes people will feel more interested in sports. Also, she wants to encourage people to do exercise which contributes to healthiness and happiness.

With her sculptures she seeks to portray and express her struggles with mental illnesses ( anxiety and depression), which are things that are otherwise difficult to put into words. She believes that art is a way to express oneself as well as a good way to relax.

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