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Jujube Jacinto


I am Jujube Jacinto, one of the many visual artists who has contributed artistically within the community of Downtown Eastside. I was born in Makati, Philippines. Finally, we traveled to reside in a city/jungle in Brunei where I was introduced to an environment of nature and wildlife. I also have lived in Vancouver, B.C. to LA and back in B.C.

Basically, I was born an artist through the early days of my life then entering the MS-DOS computer softwares by creating art on screens with dial-up connections to actual digital work to now being a hands-on multi-media artist. 

How has receiving a DTES Small Arts Grant supported your development as an artist?

Having support from the DTES Small Arts Grants has helped me to develop, evolve, and excel as an artist exponentially. It has been such a worthwhile experience – from the warm feelings of receiving a grant to the artistic planning/process, engaging with communities across BC, and fully appreciating the art events that have showcased my works, along with my performances, at the VPL Main Library, Yaletown Roundhouse Community Centre, Carnegie Hall Centre, UBC Learning Exchange, Enterprising Women Making Art, Oppenheimer Park, Gallery Gachet, WePress, and DTES Neighbourhood House. This was my first time ever receiving any grant in my life.

How has DTES Small Arts Grants helped DTES artists?

I speak personally on my behalf of my experience of the amazing support that DTES Small Arts Grants has given me. I believe we are in communities strengthened by courage, empowerment, diversity, and respect for all individuals who are emerging artists wishing to move ahead in a project and for their future careers to be started up, building close-knit connections with other artists, and appreciating substance and weight of why they love art so much.

How has DTES Small Arts Grants impacted the community?

I feel that the DTES Small Arts Grants truly impacts the community for the rapport with networking with organizations and their sponsors in DTES and beyond. It brings exposure to the gifted artists within their community, and brings out the confidence of each human being outside of their shell. I appreciate with gratitude the mentorship, guidance, and kindness of the programming staff as well as the artists themselves who have been selected to make their dreams come alive, from one project to the next.

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