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Performance Artist

Received a grant in 2021
Dallas is Cowichan First Nation, now living in Vancouver, British Columbia. She became interested in the arts early in life. Dallas first studied performance at Spirit Song, a Native Theatre School. After earning a scholarship Dallas attended Native Earth Theatre School in Toronto, Ontario. While working at Full Circle Theatre in based in Vancouver, she discovered En’owken International School of Creative Writing and Fine Art in Penticton. After receiving her certificate, Dallas created a portfolio and applied to Emily Carr. She studied for four years and received a Bachelor’s Degree. For her multi-media installation Ceremony at Gallery Gachet, Dallas has received support from British Columbia Arts Council and the Canada Council for the Arts. Dallas is a first time recipient of a DTES Small Arts Grants Award from Vancouver Foundation. Dallas is a proud Mother, Grandmother, and Great Grandmother, excited to be working with Indigenous Women Artists and several DTES arts organizations.

The story of Dallas' art practice

Dallas has been performing in the DTES since 2006 when she joined the Carnegie Dance Troupe. She has performed at Heart of the City Festival and Vines Art Festival.

Artwork Description

These photos were taken at a work-in-progress rehearsal of Grandchild. They feature performers Anthony McNab Favel, Laryssa Kuypers, Austin Kuypers, and me. Grandchild will premiere at Vines Art Festival August 4-15, 2021.

Grandchild Poem

when you were just a little one
You lived here with me
This is your land,
this is your home

Your mom, your aunties and your uncle too
All went to kuper island
Residential school
There was nothing I could say or do
That’s what my granny said

Your mom never came home
To us she never was the same
She married and lived downtown in downtown east side vancouver
One day a social worker came she packed you up took you away you away
From Your mom,your dad and me

Your mom died in jail
Down in the states somewhere
She’s buried in a pauper’s grave
Your daddy used to visit me
but it’s been a long time now I heard he died in a car crash that’s what my granny said

Tears rolled down
Her soft wrinkled face
As she recalled her pain
We hugged and cried for both our loss

Then she whispered to me

We are of the salmon people
We, been given many journey’s
Some very long , some very hard
But we always return
To our place of birth

Cedar, Sage, and Sweetgrass
Sang their sweet song for you
To celebrate your journey home
That’s what my granny said

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