DTES Small Arts Grants 10th Anniversary Website

Kathryn Alma-Nihte

Mixed Media

Received grants in 2013, 2014 and 2015

Miss Kathryn Alma-Nihte graduated from Emily Carr University in 2001, a long hiatus with travel and raising four children on her own led her to a second degree in Education. She is a high-school teacher in Art/Drama/English. She has been painting in acrylic between 1989 to current, in Figurative Expressionism, with a focus on mythological symbolism and historical archeological references.

She is exploring through large scale painting, the human integration and impact on the Natural World, as a modern substitutive narrative for religious engagement. By incorporating the human viewer as integral to the natural “scape” of the land and giving Nature the title of supreme being and intelligence, her paintings depict the human race as in devotion of Nature and not separate from it. She also designed and printed a set of Lenormand Fortune Telling Cards on the DTES grant program.

How has receiving a DTES Small Arts Grant supported your development as an artist?

This grant enabled me to finance my ideas and make those ideas come to life visually.

How has DTES Small Arts Grants helped DTES artists?

The grant provides funding for supplies to make artists ideas come to life. Money is essential to helping artists buy the tools to create.

How has DTES Small Arts Grants impacted the community?

The grant has created a community of artists to share and support one another. It provides space to gather, share and reveal all of us creating in together in this Neighbourhood. We would not have this opportunity to meet together if the space had not been provided to show our work.

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